The NRA national pistol championships at camp Perry Ohio is the national championship for NRA conventional style pistol shooting, commonly known as bull’s-eye.

The match consists of shooting three different guns, 22 caliber, center fire and 45 caliber. NRA conventional pistol shooting is fired at five and 50 yards with one hand.

All three guns are an individual 900 point match, combined the three guns create a 2700 point aggregate.

Each individual 900 match consists of three different stages of fire.

First is slow fire, slow fire is 10 shots in 10 min. at 50 yards.

Second is timed fire, each timed fire string is fired in two 5 shot strings in a time limit of 20 seconds per string at a distance of 25 yards.

Last is rapidfire, also shot at 25 yards, rapidfire is fired in 25 shot strings in a time limit of 10 seconds per string.

Those three different stages of fire are used to create four sub matches inside of an individual 900 match. The matches are slow fire, the national match course, timed fire and rapidfire matches. The slow fire stage is made up of two 10 shot strings for a 200 point match. The national match course is made up of one slow fire string, one timed fire string and one rapidfire string for a total of 30 rounds for 300 points. Timed fire and rapidfire matches consist of four 5 shot strings each creating their own 200 point match.

At the NRA national pistol championships at camp Perry each day of competition competitors will fire one 900 point aggregate for individual score in the team match will shoot that same gun in team competition in the afternoon. So in other words one day is dedicated 22 individual and team competitions, the following day will be centerfire individual and team competition and the next day will be the 45 caliber individual and team competitions.

The team competitions are fire the same time each day after the completion of all individual competition. There are three separate relays of individual competition each competitor will have the opportunity to fire first second and third relay. If a competitor starts on really one for 22 caliber individual competition the next day he will shoot on third relay for centerfire competition and then second relay for the 45 caliber competition.

Same rotation will work if you start on second or third relay for 22 caliber competition. Camp Perry is the only place where NRA conventional pistol matches are ran in this manner. It gives each competitor the opportunity to shoot in different times of the day thus keeping the conditions fair for all competitors. If one has never been near the shores of Lake Erie the wind coming off the lake in the afternoon can get pretty strong at times, and it would be unfair to make one relay shoot all three days in that same wind.

At the NRA national championships at camp Perry there is awarded a slow fire, national match course, timed fire and rapidfire champion in each gun as well as a 22 caliber champion, center fire national champion and a 45 caliber national champion. Ultimately the goal is to accumulate enough points across to all three guns to win the grand aggregate and become the overall NRA national pistol champion.


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