Shane was a member of the USMC Pistol Team for three summer shooting seasons. During this time Shane won several awards including winning the Presidents Hundred Match at Camp Perry National Championships (Tying the National Record at that time) Shane was also a member of the Parris Island Rifle and Pistol Team where he won several individual and team awards. Shane is Marine Corps rifle & Pistol Distinguished. He was the 1995 & 1996 National Police Champion at Camp Perry, Ohio. He holds several National records for Police competitors and is the co-holder of one National Record.


More about Shane:

1. Born and raised in Ohio.
2. Entered the USMC in 1985 at Parris Island, SC. Received the Leatherneck Award for being the Series High Shooter.
3. Shot his first Marine Corps competition at 2nd Marine Division Intramural matches in early 1987 and won three trophies.
4. Shot in Far East Division matches in 1987 and won a Bronze Pistol Badge.
5. In 1989, Shane transferred to Parris Island as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor. I was selected to be a firing member of the Parris Island Rifle and Pistol Team during that year as well.
6. In 1990, Clevenger took medals at the Eastern Division Match and Marine Corps. matches and was then selected to be on the USMC Pistol Team were I became a Distinguished Pistol Shot.
7. In 1992, he shot on Parris Islands Rifle and Pistol Team and was selected to be on the USMC Pistol Team. While as a firing member on the Parris Island Rifle and Pistol team, Shane became a Rifle Distinguished during the Marine Corps matches (which made me Double Distinguished). Also in that year, I was a member of the U.S. Mayleigh cup team.
(Clevenger did not compete in 1991 due to the Gulf War)
8. While a firing member of the USMC Pistol Team, Clevenger was the Service Pistol Champion at the 1992 Inter Service Match and placed 3rd over all. I tied the second place score but was beaten by x-count (Marine’s finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd that year).
9. In 1993, he was the Marine Corps Match Pistol Competition winner and was awarded the Secretary of the Navy’s Trophy Rifle. I was also a firing member of the Infantry Team Trophy Rifle match firing as a Swing man where we set a National Record at that time. In addition, I won a Bronze Lauchiemer trophy (it is an aggregate between rifle and pistol).
10. In 1993 as a member of the USMC Pistol Team, while at Camp Perry, Shane was a firing member on the NTT Service Pistol, where we won a 2nd year trophy. Individually, Shane won the President’s 100 (tying the National Record) of 387-16x fired with a .45 cal Service Pistol.
11. In 1995, Shane Clevenger was the National Police Champion at Camp Perry.
12. In 1996, he was the National Police Champion at Camp Perry.
13. In 1998-2001, Shane shot on the All Guard Pistol Team.
14. In 2012, Shane became a member of Team Cabot.
15. 1993-2009, Clevenger worked in Law Enforcement and competed in several law enforcement competitions and won numerous trophies. Shane was a SWAT Team member and Team Leader for my agency, as well as the Sniper Team Leader

Shane currently holds a High Master classification in Bullseye and Police Pistol Combat (PPC). I currently hold 6 National Records for Police competitors. I am a co-holder of a National Record.


1. Actor in two South Carolina State produced training films for law enforcement and detention facilities.
2. Actor in commercial for Western Wear store in Savannah, GA.
3. Interviewed on several occasions for television.
4. Stand in for Dennis Quaid and an extra in the movie, “Something to Talk About”.
5. Stand in on the Judith Light movie, “Carriers”.
6. Law Enforcement security on the set of several movies to include “Forrest Gump”, “War”, and “Forces of Natures”.

Currently Shane is employed as a Department of Defense Combat Firearms Instructor, Chief Firearms Instructor for Able Tactical, LLC and an NRA Instructor.