National Pistol Champion & Marksmanship Instructor


William Bethards has been World Class Shooter for over 25 years. His specialty disciplines are Conventional and International Rifle and Pistol Competition Shooting.

William Bethards is a Retired Marine Master Sergeant and Former Virginia State Trooper. He is currently a FBI Law Enforcement Specialist. Actively Instructing new FBI Trainees and current FBI agents in Marksmanship Fundamental, and Tactics and Staff member at Ballistic Research Facility.
This World Class Shooter has now turned his attention back to the competitive shooting world.

He has starred in History Channel’s Hit Reality TV Show, Top Shot Season 4.

A list William’s accomplishments as a competitive marksman are as follows:

1. FBI Law Enforcement Specialist. (2004 – Present)
2. FBI Advanced Firearms Instructor
3. NRA FBI Pistol Shot National Record Holder 22/45/CF. (2010)
4. Virginia State Trooper Top Shot Award. (2002)
5. Retired USMC Master Sergeant (1981-2002)
6. United States Marine Corps Shooting Pistol Team SNCOIC (1999-2002)
7. Gold Cup National Champion Camp Perry. (1988)
8. 6 Time Presidents 100 recipient. (National Championships).
9. NRA National Record Holder .22 Cal Pistol. (1995)
10. Double Distinguished Rifle & Pistol Shooter. 1986 (P) 1989 (R)
11. (High Master) Conventional & International Shooting Classifications
12. NRA 2650+ Aggregate Club Shooter Conventional Bull’s-eye Shooter.
13. Conventional & Internationally known Shooter.
14. Gold Medal Lauchheimer Winner. ( USMC Top Shot Rifle & Pistol (1995)
15. NRA Service National Pistol Champion. (1995)
16. Double Distinguished Rifle and Pistol Marksmen 1986 (P) 1989 (R)
17. United States Olympic Team Qualifier. (1995) Olympic Tryouts Tampa FA.
18. USMC Shooting Team Member (1987-1990) & (1994 -1996) & (1999-2002)
19. Top Shot Season 4 Star (2011-2012) History’s Behind the Bullet (2012)
20. History’s Top Shot All Stars Season 5 (2012-2013)
21. Sponsored Shooting Team Member of Cabot Guns. (2012- Present)

Just to Name a Few.